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What is Kyphosis?

Kyphosis (curvature of the spine) may develop later in life as a result of osteoporosis. As the bones of the spine weaken and thin, they begin to deteriorate and compress upon each other. The result is a “dowager’s hump”. Sitting in a standard wheelchair can exaggerate this condition and make sitting very uncomfortable.

How Can Innovators wheelchair backs aid the comfort and health of a person with Kyphosis?

With standard wheelchair upholstery, the kyphotic client must accommodate themselves to a rigid structure and sit in an uncomfortable and/or non-functional position (illustrations #1 & #2). With Innovators backs the client’s shoulders are realigned back over their hips, providing better balance, and increased vital capacity. The pelvis can be positioned back on the seat reducing sacral shearing and providing a more even distribution of pressure. The overall increased stability and comfort allows the client to face their world and use their hands functionally (illustration #3).

How can I purchase Innovators wheelchair accessory products if I am not a dealer?

Chances are your local wheel chair dealer will already be selling Innovators products. If not, ask them to visit our Web site and contact us. Just think of all the people in your area that would benefit from having our custom accessories.

What is Brushed Nylon (soft cloth)?

Brushed nylon is a soft cloth that has many of the same benefits, as Lycra but is a more durable material than Lycra.

How can I become a dealer if I want to distribute Innovators wheelchair accessory products?

Contact our sales department. You will find them extremely helpful and friendly.

Are Innovators wheelchair products only for people with Kyphosis?

No. There are a wide range of conditions that can cause a person using a wheelchair to experience discomfort or reduced functionality when using a standard wheelchair. Innovators wheelchair support products are available for most situations to help improve the living condition of a client.

Does Innovators make custom products?

Innovators does offer the possibility of customizing our products to meet the client’s specific needs. The best way to go about ordering a custom product is to fax us a very detailed diagram complete with specific dimensions. We will then get back to you with a quote on your product. Please do not fax templates without dimensions detailed on them. We cannot use a faxed diagram as an exact pattern as the fax machine reduces the templates size in transmission.

Is it true that Innovators wheelchair accessory products are known to outlast similar products?

When we started Innovators we decided to use only the highest quality materials in our products so that we could establish ourselves in the marketplace. After more than two decades of being in business, Innovators wheelchair accessories have now developed a reputation for outlasting accessories that are made with less expensive materials.

Are Innovators wheelchair accessories designed to withstand constant use or are they for occasional use?

By using the best materials available and by spending extra time in the design phase, our accessories have been designed to be ‘industrial strength’. After more than two decades of use, our products have proven to be solid when you depend on them the most. Do you really want to risk having a strap break or a support give way because you are using an inferior product?

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