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Soft Lateral Supports

Soft Lateral Supports for the client that needs extra support and that soft hugged feeling

Key Features:
  • Adds support for trunk positioning
  • Adjustable positioning
  • Comfortable and unobtrusive
  • Customized sizes available
Installation Options:
  • On an existing Back – Self-sticking Velcro supplied.
  • On a new Back – Velcro attachment sewn on back.
KI01 – Soft Laterals (pair)
KI02 – Soft Laterals (pair) Custom

Information we need from you when ordering Soft Lateral Supports:

  • Tell us what you are attaching them to (if you are ordering a back from us to attach the soft laterals to, we can sew Velcro directly onto the back for attachment)
  • For an existing back we can send self adhesive Velcro to attach the laterals to the back.

Information often requested on Soft Lateral Supports:

  • Soft Laterals Supports come in pairs
  • Standard dimensions for Soft Laterals Supports are 8″ long x 2″ Deep/Wide

Customizations frequently requested on Soft Lateral Supports:

  • Custom height or length

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