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Keyhole Back

Designed to give support and maximum pressure relief to a person with a mild to severe Kyphosis or other back anomalies.

Key Features:
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Firm Lumbar Support
  • Self-Customizing support in Kyphotic area
Keyhole Back
K106 – Keyhole Back
K107 – Keyhole Back Custom
K104 – Keyhole Back Adjustable Top
K105 – Keyhole Back Adj Top Custom
Keyhole Back Adjustable Top Custom

This Keyhole back Includes a third top strap and elasticized top so that it can be opened up enough to position the client’s shoulders above their hips. This accommodates the client whose Kyphosis hits the top of the back (not the standard pocket area) which is usually due to use of a wheelchair with fixed back canes.

Standard sizes:
  • 14" – 20" Back width for screw-on style backs
  • Standard back height is 19"-19½" and will fit most standard size wheelchairs
  • Customization in straps / height / width, etc., is considered a Custom Keyhole Back
Custom sizes:
  • 13" wheelchair width and smaller
  • 21" wheelchair width and larger
  • Recliners backs 22" or 24" tall (screw on style only)
  • Also available in Tall sizes where the back height is 21" – 21½"

Information we need from you when ordering the Keyhole Back:

  • Tell us how wide the wheelchair is.

Information often requested on the Keyhole Back:

  • The standard widths for a Keyhole Back is 14″ – 20″, anything bigger or smaller is custom
  • Standard height 19″–19 ½” high or (extra tall 21″ is custom)

Customizations frequently requested on the Keyhole Back:

  • Gel inserts may be ordered for a Keyhole Back.
  • Adding gel makes the Keyhole Back a Custom Keyhole Back then you must also order the desired type of Gel insert as well (Thoracic, Full Spinal or Full Back).
  • Gel is inserted into the eggcrate foam pad and is then attached to the back.
  • Extra Straps can be added at varying heights to the Keyhole back.
  • The Keyhole Back is often ordered at custom heights and widths.

Constructed of sturdy, non-stretch nylon fabric

Long life, low maintenance and wipes clean easily

Shaped to accommodate a fixed Kyphosis

Supports individual in an upright position thus enhancing: Posture, Visual Field, Respiratory Function, Balance and Trunk Support

A stretch fabric in area of Kyphosis

Adjust automatically to severity of Kyphosis

Split back construction

Provides adjustability without uncomfortable folds in the upholstery

Front padded with a soft but durable foam cushion

Increases comfort, adds support and decreases pressure on bony areas

Straps in lumbar area

Provides safe, secure lumbar support

Straps are adjustable

Accommodates high or low back involvement. For more extreme Kyphosis, a larger size can be used without compromising lumbar support.

Conforms to the natural body shape

Slows down further Kyphotic changes

Pliable throughout

Allows the user to change positions without sacrificing general support
Allows the wheelchair to be folded easily for transporting or storage

Easily customized by addition of one or more straps or by using alternate placement of straps

Support is extended higher on the back. Can accommodate someone with a low back involvement – eg. spina-bifida

Slides on over back canes of wheelchair

Easy to install

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