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Lateral Support Trays

Innovators adaptive Lateral Support Trays are designed to provide improved support and comfort to wheelchair users. Padded for optimum comfort, the Lateral Support Trays use an innovative design, sturdy construction and easy attachment to offer exceptional support and flexibility to meet changing patient needs.

Lateral Support Tray

Key Features:
  • available in clear, full and full with clear overlay design
  • easily attached using either slide-on brackets or Velcro arm and back straps.
  • padded for comfort and to decrease pressure on elbows
  • T-nut placement to attach all accessories

S075 – Lateral Support Tray 12″/14″
S071 – Lateral Support Tray 14″/16″
S054 – Lateral Support Tray 16″/18″
S140 – Lateral Support Tray 20″
S153 – Lateral Support Tray 22″ Custom
S076 – Lateral Support Tray 24″ Custom
S055 – Lateral Support Tray Custom

Clear Lateral Support Tray

Key Features:
  • elbow area padding standard
  • includes all the features and benefits of the Lateral Support Tray (above)
  • uninterrupted view of feet for safer navigation by user
S120 – 12/14 Lateral Support Tray Clear
S120 – 14/16 Lateral Support Tray Clear
S120 – 16/18 Lateral Support Tray Clear
S120 – 20 Lateral Support Tray Clear
S141 – Lateral Support Tray Clear Custom

Lateral Support Tray with Clear Overlay

Key Features:
  • Accommodates and protects speech boards and tray personalization
  • Easily removed for changing messaging.
  • The clear overlay can only be used on a custom lateral support tray (S055) when ordering specify size wanted.
S131 – Clear tray overlay for speech board

Information we need from you when ordering the Lateral Support Trays:

  • Tell us how wide the wheelchair is.
  • Tell us whether you would like slide-on Brackets or Velcro Straps for attachment.

Information often requested on the Lateral Support Trays:

  • A back strap is included if straps are selected but, if brackets are selected a back strap must be ordered separately.
  • The Lateral Support Trays have T-Nuts in place so that the client can easily add accessories
  • Our standard sizes include 12/14, 14/16, 16/18 wheelchair widths.
  • Oversized sizes include 20″, 22″ and 24″ wheelchair widths.
  • We do not recommend using a Clear Tray Lateral Support Tray for wheelchair widths wider than 22″ as many are unhappy with the amount of flex in oversized trays. For wider wheelchairs we recommend our regular Lateral Support Trays.
  • When ordering a Lateral Support Tray for a 16″ Concept 45 Wheelchair and you are using slide-on brackets with the tray, you must order the 14/16 size rather than the 16/18 size.

Customizations frequently requested on the Lateral Support Trays:

  • When Elasto-Gel is added to this product, the product becomes Custom and you must use the appropriate gel insert product code (times 1 or 2). Please let us know if you would like soft cloth or vinyl over the gel.
  • You may add gel to other areas on the tray but we ask that you fax a diagram with dimensions and placement of gel so that we may provide you with an accurate price quote.
  • Lateral Support Trays with cutouts to accommodate Personal Backs and Personal Plus Backs.
  • An additional 2” depth out front of the tray.
  • Many other customizations are available but we request that either a diagram with complete dimensions is faxed to us or that a template is sent to us.
  • For cutouts for joysticks we need the dimensions of the cutout area.
  • When adding a Hand Grip to a tray we need to know the exact measurements to where you would like it mounted

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