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New Products

Hip Bolster 1” with Stabilizer

Key Features:
  • Padded to increase client’s
  • Adjusts seat width to fit client
  • Acts as a leg adductor
  • Bottom tucks in beside cushion
    for added stability

S180 – Hip Bolster 1” with Stabilizer

S181 – Hip Bolster with Stabilizer Custom


Rigid Legrest Panel

Key Features:
  • Padded to provide clients
    comfort, includes a rigid plastic
    backing for added support
  • Helps keep feet on footboard in
    a reclined or tilted position
  • Prevents increasing flexion and
    safely improves feet & leg
  • Firmly attaches with velcro
    between the cushion and the
    seat pan and has adjustable
    strap which wraps around the
    footrest hangers

S079 – Rigid Legrest Panel

S136 -Rigid Legrest Panel Custom


Foot Board Split

Key Features:
  • Designed to provide comfort,
    increased foot support and
  • T-nutted to bolt onto each
    footplate for solid mounting with
    swing away function

S183 -Foot Board Split (pair)

S184 -Foot Board Split (pair) Custom

Arthritic Cushion

Key Features:
  • Only available in 16″ and 18″ width size
  • Available with vinyl or cushion fabric
  • Removeable cover
  • Raises seat height to release pressure on legs and knees
  • Constructed with 2 densities of foam for comfort and stability

C016CF – 16″ Cushion Fabric

C018CF – 18″ Cushion Fabric

C016V – 16″ Vinyl

C018V – 18″ Vinyl

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