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K-Special Back

The K-Special Back is a foldable, replacement wheelchair back made of pliable fabric designed specifically formed for a client with a mild to moderate kyphosis, typically the elderly or long-term wheelchair user.

Key Features:
  • Effectively realigns the shoulders over the hips enabling a more functional head position.
  • Provides lateral support for patients with mild to moderate trunk weakness, which often accompanies a kyphosis.
  • Is comfortable for the patient as it has a smooth padded surface.
  • Supports the gibbus and effectively distributes pressure.
  • Elongates the trunk and improves vital capacity.
  • Allows the chair to be collapsed, if necessary.
  • Is cosmetically attractive.
K-Special Back

Technical Rationale:

As a person ages, their back changes its shape, but the critical mass remains the constant. The size of the back required is, therefore, consistent with the size of the wheelchair required and not a function of the progression of the “Kryphosis”. Over 90% of the clients tested needed a consistent amount of extension. Follow-up data indicates that the use of the K-Special Back results in a significant stabilization of the “Kryphotic process”. The spine is supported vertically, thus reducing the impact of gravity. The less upright the spine, the greater the acceleration of the “Kyphotic” deformity

The “K-Special Back” is designed specifically for the client with a mild to moderate kyphosis, typically the elderly or long-term wheelchair user. It is an off-the shelf alternative to costly custom seating and is available from local dealers to therapists and clients.

The “K-Special Back” is a padded fabric back which replaces the standard upholstery. It is shaped to accommodate and support the client’s whole back,
eliminating pressure from the apex of the curve and providing lateral support.

With standard wheelchair upholstery, the kyphotic client must accommodate themselves to a rigid structure and sit in an uncomfortable and/or nonfunctional
position (see illustrations 1 & 2 below).

In the “K-Special Back” the client’s shoulder’s are realigned back over their hips, providing better balance, and increased vital capacity. The pelvis can be positioned back on the seat reducing sacral shearing and providing a more even distribution of pressure. The overall increased stability and comfort allows the client to face their world and use their hands functionally (see illustration 3 ).

In summary, the “K-Special Back” is addressing a previously neglected population and increases comfort, dignity and functional ability, thus enhancing quality of life for the client.

K001 – Std 16 Hi
K002 – Std 16 Lo
K032 – Std 17 Hi
K033 – Std 17 Lo
K003 – Std 18 Hi
K004 – Std 18 Lo
K009 – T Std 16 Hi
K010 – T Std 16 Lo
K036 – T Std 17 Hi
K037 – T Std 17 Lo
K011 – T Std 18 Hi
K012 – T Std 18 Lo
*K044 – Special 14″
*K045 – Special 15″
*K046 – Special 19″
*K047 – Special 20″
*K078 – Special 21″
*K068 – Special 22″
K005 – W 16 Hi
K006 – W 16 Lo
K034 – W 17 Hi
K035 – W 17 Lo
K007 – W 18 Hi
K008 – W 18Lo
K013 – TW 16 Hi
K014 – TW 16 Lo
K038 – TW 17 Hi
K039 – TW 17 Lo
K015 – TW 18 Hi
K016 – TW 18 Lo
*K066 – Custom Standard Sizes
*K067 – Custom sizes < 18″
K141 – K-with eggcrate foam pad
S113 – Gel Insert Back (Thoracic)
S114 – Gel Insert Back (Full Spinal)
S110 – Gel Insert back (Total Area)

*Need to specify particulars

K017 – R 16 Hi
K018 – R 16 Lo
K040 – R 17 Hi
K041 – R 17 Lo
K019 – R 18 Hi
K020 – R 18 Lo

Important Note:

To order a “K-Special Back for a recliner you must state the make of the wheelchair and the back height of the existing upholstery.

  • Fire retardant nylon, washable with damp cloth
  • Foam padded for comfort
  • Shaped to accommodate a moderate Kyphosis.
Standard sizes are:
  • 14″ – 18″ back width for both screw-on or wrap style backs.
  • Standard back height is 17″ – 17½”
  • Tall back height is 19″ – 19½”
All sizes are available both in:
  • High Profile – accommodates Thoracic Kyphosis and provides a 4½” to 5″ Lumbar Support.
  • Low Profile – accommodates a “C” shaped back rounded down to
  • the Lumbar area and provides a 2″ – 2½” Lumbar Support.
Custom Sizes Includes:
  • 13″ wheelchair width and smaller
  • 19″ wheelchair width and larger
  • Recliner Backs are 22″ or 24″ tall (screw-on style only).

Information we need from you when ordering K-Special Backs:

  • Tell us how wide the wheelchair is.
  • Is it for a High Kyphosis (High has 5″ of Lumbar Support) or Low Kyphosis (Low has 2½” of Lumbar Support).
  • Is it a Wrap (slips over back post) or screw on upholstery? (If unsure, does it have 1 screw on the top of each side or 4 to 8 screws down each side with a metal strip to attach to the back side of the canes)

Information often requested on the K-Special Back:

  • The K-Special Back should be attached to the canes using one screw at the top of each side. There is no grommet in the upholstery, to accommodate multiple wheelchair brands, just screw through the fabric.
  • Standard widths for the K-Special Back are for 14" to 18" width wheelchairs
  • Standard heights of the K-Special Back are 17" to 17 ½" high. The Tall style is 19" to 19½" high.
  • Some recliners require extensions for the specific brand of wheelchair.
  • Gel can be ordered for 3 areas, thoracic, spinal and full back. (Full back is a pad, the other two are incorporated into the back itself)
  • When Gel is added to this product, the product becomes Custom.
  • Eggcrate Foam Pads can be added to the K-Backs for an additional charge

Customizations frequently requested on the K-Special Back:

  • Gel inserts may be added to the K-Special Back.
  • Adding gel makes the K-Special Back a Custom K-Special Back then you must also order the desired type of Gel insert as well (Thoracic, Full Spinal or Full Back).
  • If you order a Full Back Gel insert for a K-Special Back, we will then make an eggcrate foam pad to overlay the K-Special Back and insert the Gel in pieces over the entire surface.
  • An eggcrate foam pad that overlays the front of the K-Special Back may be added.
  • The K-Special Back is often requested in custom heights and widths.



Durable materials and high quality

Long life, low maintenance and wipes clean 

Shaped to accommodate a fixed kyphosis 

Supports individual in an upright position thus
enhancing: Posture, Visual Field, Respiratory
Function, Balance and Trunk Support. 

Smoothly shaped / padded surface.

Increases comfort with no ridges created by adjustment straps. The padding protects the bony areas. 

Clinically tested to fit the vast majority of persons with a kyphosis.

No adjustment is necessary, therefore it will not be adjusted poorly. 

Anatomically shaped back – curved both vertically and horizontally. 

Spreads the pressure evenly across back relieving pressure on prominent areas. 

Conforms to the natural body shape. 

Slows down further Kyphotic changes. 

Pliable throughout. 

Allows the user to change positions without sacrificing general support.
Allows the wheelchair to be folded easily for transporting or storage. 

Two profiles available: High Profile to accommodate a simple kyphosis and Low Profile to accommodate a deformity involving the whole back.

Able to fit most clients’ needs thus increasing support and comfort without the need for anexpensive custom fabricated product.

Large inventory of standard sizes and many odd sizes in stock at all times.

Backs are available across Canada at short notice.

Slides on over back canes of wheelchair 

Easy to install.  

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