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K-Combo Back

The K-Combo Back is a K-Adjustable Back with a removable eggcrate foam pad attached


K-Combo Backs slide over one cane and wrap around the other cane. When all adjustments to the straps are finished, the client still has a smooth surface to rest against.

K110 – K-Combo
K111 – K-Combo Custom

Information we need from you when ordering the K-Combo Back:

  • Tell us how wide the wheelchair is.

Information often requested on the K-Combo Back:

  • The standard Height for a K-Combo Back is 17"
  • the Standard widths for a K-Combo Back is 14" – 20", anything bigger or smaller is custom.
  • A K-Combo Back is a K-Adjustable Back with a removable eggcrate foam pad attached to the front.

Customizations frequently requested on the K-Combo Back:

  • Adding gel makes the K-Combo Back a Custom K-Combo Back then, you must also order the desired type of Gel insert as well (Thoracic, Full Spinal or Full Back).
  • Varying strap spacing is a common customization on the K-Combo Back.
  • The K-Combo Back is often ordered at custom heights and widths.



Durable Material and high quality workmanship

Long life, low maintenance and wipes clean easily

Adjustable to accommodate a Kyphosis or other anomalies – e.g. Spina-bifidia

individual in an upright position thus enhancing: Posture, Visual
Field, Respiratory Function, Balance and Trunk Support

Shapeable padded surface

without creating ridges in the fabric from the adjustment straps. The
padding protects the bony areas. Provides increased comfort and firm
lumbar support.

Anatomically shaped back – curved both vertically and horizontally.

Spreads the pressure evenly across the back relieving pressure on prominent areas.

Adjustable straps throughout

Conforms to body shape whether high or low involvement and-or preference.

Pliable throughout

Allows the user to change positions without sacrificing general support.
Allows the wheelchair to be folded easily for transporting or storage

Easily customized with Gel or foam pad

Able to fit most clients needs, thus increasing support and comfort without the need for an expensive custom fabricated product..

Large inventory of standard sizes and many odd sizes in stock at all times.

Backs are available across Canada at short notice.  

Slides on over back canes of wheelchair

Easy to install

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