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Extended Arm Pads

Extended Armpads with extra padding, comfort and t-nuts to accommodate Elbow Stops

Extended Armpad

Key Features:
  • Replaces existing Armpad
  • Provides increased support and stability
  • Includes hardware to attach elbow stops
  • Standard padding is foam
  • More padding than standard Armpads
  • Choice of coverings: a) vinyl b) lycra c) Soft Brushed Nylon
  • *Note: All extended Armpads have T-nuts down the outside to accommodate accessories (elbow stops all sizes)
S065 – Extended Armpad
S081 – Extended Armpad Custom
S070 – Extended Armpad Desk Length
S111 Gel Insert – Full Length
S129 Gel Insert – Elbow Area

Extended Armpad Soft Edge and Extended Armpad/Bolster Combo

Key Features:
  • Soft edge increases comfort
  • Combo: combines features of extended armpad & hip bolster
  • Decreases removable (lose-able) parts
S052 -Extended Armpad/Bolster Combo (1 piece.)
S053 -Extended Armpad/Bolster Combo (1 piece.) Custom
S067 -Extended Armpad (soft edge)
S068 -Extended Armpad (soft edge) Custom

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