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Seating for the Kyphotic Client

Seating for the Kyphotic Client

In standard wheelchair upholstery, no allowances are made for any curvature of the spine. The result is that the client must accommodate themselves to the rigid structure of the chair and sit in an uncomfortable and/or non-functional position. This positioning, assumed out of necessity or desperation by the client, is self-defeating and often causes further increases in the Kyphosis due to the pull of gravity. This is compounded by inactivity, loss of strength, and by the inherent loss of flexibility found in the spine of the elderly (Lewis – 1985). In addition, this positioning in the wheelchair promotes sacral seating, a decreased vital capacity, limited visual field, and an increased tendency to slide out of the front of the wheelchair. Using pelvic restraints and/or reclining the back merely addresses the symptom, and does not address the source of the problem.

The Innovators Backs through the use of shaping accommodates for either a high or low curvature of the spine. Because these backs are made of a flexible fabric, they are also self-adjusting. It relieves excessive pressure on the apex of the curve and allows the client to sit back into the upholstery, between the uprights of the wheelchair back. This realigns the shoulders over the hips and allows the client to face the world directly without having to sacral sit. It allows the client’s pelvis to be positioned back on the base or the seat, providing more support for the legs, more evenly distributing pressure for the circulation of the lower limbs.

Innovators Backs further provides support for the client’s back below and on either side of the Kyphosis. This provides lumbar support and increased lateral stability and safety for the client who used to “tip over” to one side. By supporting the entire back, and not just the most prominent curve, the client is freed up from gripping their arm rest just to maintain his/her balance and their arms and hands are once again practically functional.

Instructions for screw mounting Innovators back on to chair:

1.   Remove original back from chair

2.   Slide Innovators back over canes

3.   Adjust back height to where it best fits the client

4.   Poke or burn a hole where screw will go in

5.   Use original screw from chair to attach Innovators back to cane

All backs manufactured by Innovators are required to be screwed on to the canes of the chairs (adjustable backs screw on one side only).

Doing this keeps the back in place and will not interfere with the integrity of the product.                               

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