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Elasto-Gel Inserts

In many cases, clients who require special seating are also at risk for skin breakdown (pressure sores).
this is generally caused by four factors: increased pressure, temperature build up, moisture and friction (shearing).

In order to prevent skin breakdown, or, in the case of existing skin breakdown, to promote healing, we must eliminate or significantly reduce the factors which cause it. Elasto-gel® is a pure natural gel developed as a wound-case product. It is sold in thin sheets to be used as a wrap to promote the healing of serious wounds.

The same product may be incorporated into any of the Innovators products as a customization to prevent skin breakdown. The product is a solid gel used raw with a soft Lycra or Soft Brushed Nylon cover. The gel provides excellent pressure relief, always remains 2 to 3 degrees below body temperature and reduces shearing.

The Elasto-gel® may be used under a breathable fabric cover, or, in cases of lower risk, may be used under vinyl for easier maintenance.

To Order Gel Inserts:

  • S135 – Gel Insert
  • S113 – Gel Insert – Back (thoracic area)
  • S114 – Gel Insert – Back (full spinal area)
  • S110 – Gel Insert – Back (total area)
  • S126 – Gel Insert – Bolster
  • S129 – Gel Insert – Extended Armpad
  • S111 – Gel Insert – Extended Armpad (full length)
  • S127 – Gel Insert – Foot Board
  • S119 – Gel Insert – Foot Plate Pad
  • S128 – Gel Insert – Legrest Panel
  • S125 – Gel Insert – Tray (each)
  • S130 – Gel Pad (smaller than 6″x8″)
  • S148 – Gel Pad 16×18
  • S149 – Gel Pad 2″ x 5″ Adjustable Legstrap soft

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